Every member of the community has a duty to look after those less fortunate. Power and influence come with responsibility. Coghlan & Welsh acknowledges its indebtness to the community that has helped make it a success. Extending a helping hand and using resources at its disposal to make the world a better place for the less fortunate, is at the heart of the firm’s vision.

Its partnership with Correction Services Department (Prisons), Orphanages and Old People’s Homes are all part of its corporate social responsibility and its desire to give back to the Zimbabwean Community which has supported the firm for over one hundred (100) years. This will continue being Coghlan & Welsh’s hallmark and we thus look forward to playing a bigger role in the support of the less fortunate in the community.

St Francis Children’s Home 2016


Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home 2016


Percy Ibbotson and Luveve School for Girls 2016


Team Building Sports Day 2016


Entembeni Old People’s Home 2015


Percy Ibbotson 2015


Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home 2015


 Entembeni Old People’s Home 2014


St Francis Children’s Home 2014