Practice Areas

The firm has the following substantive departments:

Commercial Department

Led by the Senior Partner himself, this department handles all mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of companies, joint ventures as well as due diligence before such restructure, mergers, takeovers or joint ventures and any matters under ecommerce, company law, indigenisation law, tax law, banking law etc. Mr Ncube brings in a wealth of experience in this department spanning over 30 years of dedicated service.

Conveyancing Department

Being one of the oldest Conveyancers in the country, it handles the transfer of immovable property, registration of bonds and has been the Bulawayo City’s Conveyancers for the past hundred years. Housing schemes, Project Management Securities, land tenure systems and development are all handled by this highly skilled team groomed and trained by the Late Francis Ferguson Slaven.

Labour Law Department

The department handles all labour matters including contracts of employment, collective bargaining agreements, retrenchment, employment codes of conducts and general human resources issues. Not only that, the department offers training to its clientele at no charge, in Human Resources issues as a way of empowering its clientele and ensuring that the clientele run their business in accordance with international best Labour Practice.

Family Law and Deceased Estates Department

This department deals with the winding up of Estates, preparation of Wills and general administration of Estates. It also handles family law matters such as divorces, custody, guardianship and maintenance, damages (e.g. loss of support). It thus takes care of the family whilst the family is alive and also takes care of the family if one of the family members dies. The firm’s extensive history and excellent record keeping has made this department an asset in the country which rivals out the national archives.

Mining, Energy and Environmental Law Department

Expertly positioned in handling such a critical area, the department handles all matters in the Extractive Industries field, Energy Law and Environmental Law. Working hand in glove with the Commercial Law department, it handles due diligence matters, takeovers and mergers which characterise the bulk of matters in this area. This department also regularly attends International Mining Law Indabas to ensure that it is abreast with International developments in this area.

Intellectual Property, Local Government and Administrative Law Department

The department deals with Patents, Trademarks, Acquisitions and as well as Estate Agencies matters, Leases, Local Governance and Parks Law. It is manned by personnel who have excelled at school in this area and in private practice. Reporting directly to the Senior Partner, who is the Town Solicitor for the City of Bulawayo, the Department represents several local authorities, Estate Agents and National Parks and Wildlife Authority.

Risk, Insolvency and Criminal Law Departments

This is a tenacious and talented department renowned for its professionalism and its successful defence of industries during the Price Control Operation. Its achievements are attributed to the training and talent development system at Coghlan and Welsh. It handles all Criminal Law matters, Restructuring, Debt Collection, Liquidation and Insolvency. With the highest recovery rate at the lowest cost, the department boasts a clientele which includes banks, retail shops, parastatals and schools. It also offers systems audit and training services to reduce exposure to bad credits for all of its clients.