What We Do

The firm has the following departments:

Commercial Department

This department handles all mergers and acquisitions, sale of business and statutory compliance. It also deals with all corporate matters and falls squarely under the portfolio of the Senior Partner.

Civil Litigation Department

This department handles various forms of litigation which includes Labour disputes and general practice. Experience merged with raw talent over the years has formed a formidable legal team who provide practical, affordable and client centred legal services

Conveyancing Department

The department reports directly to the Senior Partner. Being one of the oldest Conveyancers in the country, it handles the transfer of immovable property and has become the city’s conveyancers for the past hundred years. Housing schemes, Project Management Securities, land tenure systems and development are all handled by this highly skilled team groomed and trained by the Late Francis Ferguson Slaven.

Criminal Law Department

This is a tenacious and talented department renowned for its professionalism and its successful defence of industry during the Price Control Operation and is attributed to the training and talent development system at Coghlan & Welsh. It handles all criminal matters.

Debt collection and Risk Department

The department does collection matters for and on behalf of our clients. With the highest recovery rate at the lowest cost, the department boasts a clientele which includes banks, retail shops, parastatals and schools. The department also offers a systems audit and training service to reduce exposure to bad credit for all clients.

Estates Department

This department deals with winding up of Estates, prepares wills and ensures statutory compliance in handling the affairs of the deceased. The firm’s extensive history and excellent record keeping has made this department an asset to the country which rivals the national Archives.

Accounts Department

Headed by a bookkeeper and reporting directly to the Senior Partner. It deals with all accounting matters in the firm and those of the clients.

Library & Research Department

It keeps our statutes and Regulations up to date and ensures that the firm is abreast with developments in the legal field. It is used as a resource library by the High Court, Magistrates Court and the Labour Courts. Proof of its accuracy and credibility.